Intenza 450 Series Upright Bike

Intenza 450 Series Upright Bike Sporty and dynamic, the Intenza 450 Upright Bike guarantees high performance and great comfort.  More than just a stationary cycle, the 450 Series is created for people who need a more inspiring, more motivating, more engaging way to ride.   450 i2S Dynamic, uncompromising functionality....
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Intenza 450 Series Upright Bike

Sporty and dynamic, the Intenza 450 Upright Bike guarantees high performance and great comfort.  More than just a stationary cycle, the 450 Series is created for people who need a more inspiring, more motivating, more engaging way to ride.


450 i2S

Dynamic, uncompromising functionality.

Synonymous with function and value, the beautifully proportioned Intenza 450 i2S Console is designed for training with purpose and clarity.  With a simple and intuitive clean, white LED backlit user interface, comprised of three buttons, Intenza’s precision Uni-Dial™ puts users front and centre to always offer complete access to features. Encased in laser-etched aluminium, its anti-slip bevelled sides deliver unrivalled functionality and control during workouts.

Uniting muscle with finesse, the 450 i2S gives you the familiar tactile feel of the Intenza experience through the use of premium materials and detailing; but when your focus is pure training its aerodynamic functionality coupled with all-terrain programs offer unrivalled practicality.


450 i2 Console 

Everyday ingenuity with distinctive performance.

Your workout, your rules.  Offering performance, user experience and impeccable design in premium materials and intuitive simplicity, the Intenza 450 i2 Console is designed for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Enhanced display readability, powered by its 12” LCD display, offers clean easy to read UI which guides users through workouts and with a simple twist of the precision Uni-Dial™ delivers complete access and control of all features at any given moment.

Build your brand, communicate information or simply connect to your community through the 450 i2’s dynamic messaging screensaver function.  Through the multi-functional USB port, 10 image files of your choice connect your club to your members and, if service is required the smart machine automatically sends service diagnostics via Wi-Fi.  To install software updates simply upload through USB.


InCare™ Customer Support

Providing world-class service, facility owners enjoy the value of innovation, impeccable engineering and premium design associated with Intenza products, and users a versatile, consistent, and engaging workout experience with must-have technology.

To minimise machine downtime is Intenza's promise. We believe that prevention is less costly and more effective than repair, therefore our world-class customer service begins with InCare™ and Team Intenza Customer Support who operate 24 hours overtime zones. With Service Centres in North America, Asia and Europe, quick response time translates into decreased machine downtime.InCare™ self-diagnostic software alerts the InCare™ server indicating when intervention is required thus removing the guesswork from identifying maintenance needs.

Available on the 450 i2 Interactive Series cardio line, InCare™ self-diagnostic software delivers hassle-free maintenance and troubleshooting by reducing downtime through real-time diagnostics. InCare™ predicts maintenance issues before they occur and empowers operators by flagging the need to replace components or commission maintenance.  Intenza + Care. By merging a deep understanding of fitness industry challenges with the efficiencies of today’s technology, Intenza has developed this game-changing industry exclusive to keep operators, owners and users moving.

Intenza 450 i2 Interactive Series

The 450 i2 Series Wi-Fi enabled console with self-diagnosing feature sends an error code, via Wi-Fi, automatically to the Intenza InCare™ Online Team with the exact reason why service may be needed.

This error code defines the nature of the problem, eliminating guesswork and allowing your distributor to provide the right solution. You receive prompt resolution and experience minimal downtime allowing you to continue managing your facility.

Intenza 450 i2S Interactive Series

Recording error code information directly onto the console, Intenza 450 i2S maintenance needs are evaluated on-site by service engineers or recorded and sent by email directly to Team Intenza Customer Support who will offer a solution.

Product Dimensions

Foot Print: L X W X H 122 x 67 x 146cms

Product: Net Weight: i2 Series 78.5kgs, i2S series 76kgs

Shipping dimensions: L X W X H: 169 X 38 X 101

Shipping Gross Weight: i2 Series: 84.5kg, i2S Series: 82kgs


Performance Features

3-Phase Generator: The self-powered hybrid generator delivers consistent performance for a smooth and quiet workout

Belt Drive: Belt drive system for smoother, quieter performance. Minimise maintenance. Service made quick and easy

Bottom Bracket: High performance bottom bracket assembly with precision sealed ball bearing for exceptional performance

Maximum User Weight: 181kg (400 lbs)

Maximum Watts: 640 Watts (Level 40 at 150 RPM)

Minimum Watts: 16 Watts (Level 1 at 20 RPM)

Resistance Levels: 40 resistance levels meet new European EN957-5 standards

User Height Range: 147-193cm (4'9" to 6'5")


Upright Bike Features

Display Readouts: HR, Resistance Level, Time, Watts, Calories, Distance, RPM, Speed, Workout Summary, Workout Profile

Heart Rate Monitoring: Polar®-coded wireless telemetry technology: built-in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap required). Digital contact heart rate technology ensures precision and reliability

On-The-Fly: Allows switching to other workout programs during exercise

OptiTrain™: Bike mode allows users to work out at a fixed resistance level regardless of pedal speed. Power mode allows users to workout at a fixed workload measured in watts

Power Saving System: Energy saver mode is used to minimise power consumption (not exceeding 0.5W) which meets Erp EC 1275/2008 requirements

MYE Audio Kit Options: Optional accessories support MYE audio receiver

Uni—Dial™ Control: Complete access and control of user interface features and settings with the convenience of the Uni—Dial™

C—SAFE Standard Power: Standard C—SAFE power supports the power supply of external tools

C—SAFE Connectivityi2 Series: Optional connectivity facilitates data transfer (available by demand)

Display Type: i2 Series: Industrial grade 12'' colour TFT LCD display for longer lifetime
i2S Series: Large white light LED message centre easily provides all needed information

InCare™ Onlinei2 Series: The smart machine automatically detects when service is needed and sends service diagnostic via Wi-Fi

Languagei2 Series: 21 countries are offered

Screensaveri2 Series: Upload 10 image files for messages or commercial advertisements to be displayed during stand—by

Wi-Fi Capability: i2 Series, Supports InCare™ Online, software updates

USB Connectivity: For setting and software upgrade


Workout Options

Fitness Test: The fitness test determines an individual's fitness level based on VO2 max standards. The test method includes Astrand—Rhyming

Quick Start: Quick Start is a manual workout.

Advanced Program: 10 Preset programs: 1:3 interval, 1:2 interval, 1:1 interval, 3 step interval, Easy Hill, Rolling Hills, Peak, Hill Step, HIIT Beginner, HIIT Advanced

Target Program: i2 Series: 3 Target programs: Time (1-99 mins), Distance (1-99.9 km), Calories (10-2500 Kcals) i2S Series: 3 Target programs: Time (1-99 mins), Distance (1-99 km), Calories (10-2500 Kcals)

HR Controli2 Series: 4 heart rate control programs in constant power mode—HR Zone, Interval, Hill, Cardio Strength

Racei2 Series: The race program offers a fun challenge by racing against an existing champion for 1K, 2K, or 4K races

ComfortFit™ Features 

Accessories Holder: Conveniently placed accessories holder for portable music players and mobile phones

Frame: Robust frame structure designed to ensure stability and durability.  Aluminium components create visual appeal and durability against corrosion. Low cross over design allows for ease of getting on and off the bike

Multi-function Handlebar: Ergonomically designed handlebar with integrated elbow support for maximum comfort in racing position. Handlebar integrated with contact HR and resistance adjustment buttons for ease of use during a workout

Pedals: Ergonomic oversized pedals with grip and integrated straps for quick adjustments and pedalling comfort

Saddle: Ergonomic saddle designed for maximum comfort and support during the most rigorous workout

Seat Adjustment: 1/2" incremental seat positions accommodate users from 147—193cm (4'9" to 6'5")

Water Bottle Holder: Dual water bottle holder supports 1-litre water bottles



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