Intenza 550 Series Escalate Stair Climber

Intenza 550 Series Escalate Stair Climber Escalate.  The Ultimate User Experience.  Setting a new standard, the Escalate 550 Series redefines the stair climber product category through its Smart Step-Height™ value proposition by offering the broadest range of users from fitness enthusiasts, who recognise the value in being able to regulate...
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Intenza 550 Series Escalate Stair Climber

Escalate.  The Ultimate User Experience.  Setting a new standard, the Escalate 550 Series redefines the stair climber product category through its Smart Step-Height™ value proposition by offering the broadest range of users from fitness enthusiasts, who recognise the value in being able to regulate step height intensity to active agers, to beginners or those engaging in post-surgery progressive exercise, a spectrum of 20 different step heights 4” through 7.7”.  Variations in incline, speed and exercise settings allow for a training and exercise experience that is more versatile than any other stair climber has been able to offer.

550 i Console

Maximun results. Minimal effort. Unlocking your body potential has never been easier. The Interactive Series products feature Intenza's unique Uni-Dial™ switch control, a twist and push button-free solution.

When service is required, i Series self-diagnostic software will automatically send an alert to our InCare™ server. Via USB, service reports can be downloaded from the machine and emailed directly to our InCare™ Support Team who will be provide a solution within 24 hours.

550 e2+ Console

An ultra-premium experience beautifully realised.

Turning your training into a truly personalised event, with ultimate access to entertainment as you exercise, the Intenza 550 e2+ Console transforms workouts into a multi-dimensional experience. With music, movies, online connection, TV and much more at your fingertips, this console offers advanced connectivity through its comprehensive third-party integration capabilities.

Clarity and ease-of-use go hand in hand with the 550 e2+ through its user-friendly, intuitive UI. And program rich, with highlights that include Intenza’s exclusive Landmark Program on the Escalate Stairclimber, the 19” e2+ Console débuts its TechTouch™ display, with protective properties, to help preserve its appearance and lifespan through advanced resistance to moisture.

Maximising your member satisfaction, reliability and enhanced safety are our priorities therefore, Intenza’s world-class customer service begins with InCare™, our proactive maintenance solution which collects and sends real-time data to the InCare™ Support Team when attention is needed. With Service Centres in Europe, Asia and North America, the team operates 24 hours overtime zones: quick response time translates into reduced machine downtime. Facility operators enjoy the value of innovation, the premium quality associated with Intenza products and control over anticipated schedule disruptions, and members a consistent, versatile, and rewarding workout experience.

Available in two finishes, the e2+ Console is offered in Hard Black or Soft Grey.


Adjustable Step-Height

Our revolutionary Smart Step-Height Technology allows users to choose between 20 unique step-height variations. Whether you want to regain joint flexibility post-surgery, ease back into a workout routine, or push yourself to your physical limits, the 550Ce2 lets you fine-tune the intensity of your workout to align with your unique cardiovascular and range-of-motion goals.

Incare™ Customer Support

By merging a deep understanding of the fitness industry challenges with a love for the efficiencies of today’s technology, Intenza developed its industry-exclusive InCare™ customer support program.

InCare™ is designed for facility managers who require hassle-free fitness equipment maintenance and repairs. Available both on i Series and e Series cardio lines, InCare™ provides issue resolution never offered by another equipment manufacturer.

There is no guessing the nature of the service need with an Intenza machine because it, literally, tells you what should be done.

The e Series

The e Series Wi-Fi enabled console automatically alerts your Intenza InCare™ online team the exact reason why service may be needed. Its self-diagnosing feature sends an error code, via Wi-Fi, when it senses electronic service is needed. This error code defines the exact nature of the problem, eliminating guesswork and allowing your distributor to provide the right solution. You receive prompt resolution and minimal downtime so you can continue managing your facility.

Product Dimensions

Foot Print: L x W: 193 x 86cm (76 x 33.8")
Product Dimensions: L x W x H (20 Degree): 193 x 86 x 213cm (76 x 33.8 x 83.8")
Product Net Weight: 335kg (739 lbs)
Shipping Dimensions: L x W x H: 220 x 96.5 x 163.5cm (86.6 x 37.9 x 64.3")
Shipping Gross Weight: 431kg (950 lbs)

Performance Features

Easy Step :31cm (12.2") step-up height
Incline Angle: 20-40 degrees incline angle
Maximum User Weight: 181kg (400 Ibs)
Safety Sensor: An Infrared sensor slows down the stairclimber to avoid accidents when in danger
Step: 54cm (21.2") step width; 26cm (10.2") step depth
Step Height: 10.4cm (4")-19.6cm (7.7") adjustable-step-height
User Height Range: 147cm-193cm (4'9" to 6'5")
Wide SPM Range: Using magnetic-control generator braking system to reach 16-180 SPM range

Stairclimber Features

Custom Settings
When USB is detected, users may customise (1) Display Unit (2) Age (3) Gender (4) Weight (5) Buzzer. The smart machine will automatically prioritise personalised settings and workout routines with USB login.

Display Readouts
HR, Time, METS, Calories, Distance, Level, Floor, SPM, Workout Summary, Workout Profile

Heart Rate Monitoring
Polar®–coded wireless telemetry technology: built-in heart rate receiver (heart rate transmitter strap required). Digital contact heart rate technology ensures precision and reliability.

Allows switching to other workout programs during exercise

Power Saving System
Energy saver mode is used to minimize power consumption (didn't exceed 0.5W) which meet Erp EC 1275/2008 requirements
USB Connectivity
For a customised workout, workout results, personal settings, InCare™ and manual software upgrade.
Built-in TV System
Analog/Digital support ATSC, DVB—T/T2/C/S, ISDB (For detailed support on Digital TV, contact your Intenza Sales Representative)
Support HDMI devices, Ethernet cable network, 3.5mm stereo Headphone Jack, Bluetooth stereo headset.
C-SAFE Connectivity
Standard C—SAFE connectivity facilitates data transfer
Display Type
Industrial grade 19'' TFT capacitance touch screen display for longer lifetime
InCare™ Online
The smart machine automatically detects when service is needed and sends service diagnostic via Wi-Fi
Supports smartphone mirroring (iOS/Android)
21 countries are offered
Screen Saver
Upload 10 image files for messages or commercial advertisements to be displayed during stand-by
Virtual Scenery
10 scenes
Wi-Fi Capability
Supports InCare™ Online, software update, Internet browsing
Netpulse (xID)
xID login

Workout Options

Custom Program
2 different types of profiles (Level, HRC) to create your own workout programs. Setting can easily be saved to USB by day for future use.
Fitness Test
A fitness test determines an individual's fitness level based on VO2 max standards. The test method includes WFI and CPAT.
HR Control
4 heart rate control programs in constant power mode- HR Zone, Interval, Hill, Cardio Strength
Preset Program
10 Preset programs: Main workout types are- Interval, Hills, HIIT
Quick Start
Quickstart is a manual workout. Workout profile and results can be saved to USB.
The race program offers a fun challenge by racing against existing champions for 20F, 40F, or 80F races
Target Program
3 Target programs: Time (1-99 mins), Distance (1.0-999.9 Floors), Calories (10-9999 Kcals)

ComfortFit™ Features

Accessories Holder
2 spacious holders for water bottle and accessory storage
Spaciously designed for your comfort and convenience
Ergo Bar Control Centre
Manual stick shift for speed, and step-height, adjustment at an easy-access position during workout
Ergo Handlebar
Ergonomically designed handlebar with support for maximum comfort in different positions
Efficient Adjustment
Hot keys for increasing, or decreasing, speed and step-height quickly

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